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Amputation is not the end of life as you know it

What to expect when being fitted for a prosthesis

Leslie Roberts, CP, MSS, Orthotic and Prosthetic Specialists, Northshore LIVING WELL Magazine (formerly SENIOR Magazine)

Becoming an amputee is a life-changing event. In addition to dealing with natural grieving issues, there is also the task of learning what to expect. The following are a few questions and answers to help transition you into your life as an amputee.

Will I be able to use my prosthesis the same way I used my natural limb?

In many ways, yes! Although a prosthesis will never completely replace your natural limb, it can allow you to do many things you were able to do prior to amputation. Patients with amputations below the knee do well and have the least difficulty returning to former lifestyles. Patients with amputations above the knee proceed more slowly but can return to former lifestyles. For patients with upper extremity amputations, success varies depending on personal desires and specific needs.

What are the first steps to getting a prosthesis?

After receiving the appropriate prescription from your physician, you will be measured and a mold of your residual limb is taken to make a prosthetic socket. The prosthesis is designed and proper components are selected. You will be fit with your prosthesis and instructed on how to use and care for the prosthesis.

What if the prosthesis doesn’t fit correctly?

You will need several visits for adjustments and training. These adjustments can help ease pressure areas, improve alignment, solve problems that are encountered, and aid in regaining skills. A prosthesis should not be uncomfortable, too loose or tight, or cause any skin issues such as blisters. Ask questions and speak honestly about your needs.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Specialists will be with you every step of the way. We strive for patient satisfaction and pride ourselves on the amount of attention and care all of our patients receive.  You, your comfort and your success are our number one priority.

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