Sports Eye Safety Tips

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Did you know that more than 25,000 people seek treatment for sport-related eye injuries each year? Damage to your eyes can have lasting effects extending beyond pain during the initial blow––it can lead to vision issues over time.

Protecting Your Eyes While Playing Sports

Keep reading to learn more about common conditions that could affect your game, and how to protect your vision from the team at Key-Whitman Eye Center.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy on the Field

Whether you’re competing in a game with friends or are hitting the field for some exercise, here are some tips to keep your eyes safe:

Consider wearing contacts or shatter-proof glasses

Wear sunglasses when possible to prevent UV damage.

Protect your eyes by wearing a helmet with an attached shield, goggles, or safety glasses.

Keep your safety glasses clean.

Have your vision checked if you sustain an injury.

Eye Conditions That Could Limit Your Ability

In addition to preventing damage to your eyes, it’s important to know which conditions can affect your athletic ability. Certain eye conditions can limit your ability to play sports, such as nearsightedness and cataracts.

Patients with nearsightedness have trouble with long-distance vision, which can make it difficult to p lay field sports such as baseball, soccer, or football.

Patients with cataracts may experience blurred or distorted vision, making completing daily activities and competing in sports difficult.

Warming Signs of Eye Conditions

While many patients think it’s okay to ignore eye issues, this won’t make them go away and can potentially damage your eyes more.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms or other abnormalities with your eyes, contact your ophthalmologist for an appointment:

Sudden or severe eye pain

Sudden vision changes or loss

Heavy eye discharge

Burning and itching of the eye

Blurred, hazy, or double vision

Seeing flashes of light

Changes in the color of the iris

White areas in the pupil

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