Let us Transform Your Smile with the Fixed Implant Bridge––Dr. John Shoemaker

Let us Transform Your Smile with the Fixed Implant Bridge

Courtesy Dr. John Shoemaker, DDS, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

Dr. John Shoemaker’s General, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry practice can solve your teeth problems today! If you have missing teeth, poor fitting dentures or are continually experiencing endless dental problems the Fixed (non-removable) Implant Bridge could be your solution. With the success of the Fixed-Implant Bridge our patients no longer hide their smiles, struggle through painful meals, or are too embarrassed to leave their homes. They have found themselves smiling, enjoying any foods they choose, regaining confidence in themselves and feeling whole again. The Fixed-Implant Bridge is the longest lasting, most effective way to replace your missing teeth and we are proud to offer it to our patients.
The Fixed-Implant Bridge is not just another dental implant option; it represents the future of teeth replacement technology in form, function, and aesthetics. The Fixed-Implant Bridge offers distinct advantages over other alternatives which makes it the option of choice for eligible patients. With the Fixed-Implant Bridge there is no more chipped, broken, stained, or discolored teeth.

Many of our patients had suffered from ill fitting dentures, and were using dental adhesives numerous times a day. They could not enjoy eating the foods they like, were unable to speak properly, and had lost confidence in themselves. Some were no longer comfortable leaving their home and going out in public. But our patients today are enjoying remarkable success with this groundbreaking treatment which dramatically improves their ability to chew, eat, and speak normally and comfortably. It is changing our patient’s lives on many levels and denture adhesive is no longer needed for that perfect fit!

The Fixed-Implant Bridge is completely customized to each patient’s individual needs and wants. It is molded precisely to fit the patient’s jaw, colored specifically to match a patient’s gums and the best tooth color for each patient. The Fixed-Implant Bridge is non acrylic and non removable from the mouth by the patient, making it better than any other choice available to replace missing teeth on dental implants. Another marvelous feature is that an upper Fixed-Implant Bridge is pallet less which means nothing covers the roof of the mouth.

We feel the Fixed-Implant Bridge is superior to any other implant restoration available in the dental field today. We believe our patients deserve the best dental care and restorations leading them toward better overall health, their best dental function and confidence in themselves and their smile. When it comes to setting standards for patient care and quality dentistry, Dr. Shoemaker and his dental team are totally committed to excellence.

The following is a testimony from our patient Craig who chose the Fixed-Implant Bridge:

“I was nervous when I came to meet Dr. Shoemaker. I had been to several other offices for consultations about my dental health. But my nerves were eased immediately upon meeting Dr. Shoemaker and his staff. I knew I was losing teeth and bone and that the bone loss would continue if I didn’t do something. Dr. Shoemaker answered all of my questions and was so professional. After all my concerns were addressed and we discussed my options, I chose to have implants and a Fixed-Implant Bridge. It was the best treatment for me. I never smiled before my surgery but I can’t help but smile all the time now. I feel better, have no pain and am more comfortable in public. I spent more money than I planned but I am so glad I did.

Dr. Shoemaker and his staff will answer any and all of your questions or concerns and will educate you every step of the way.”

Our desire to change your life with dental implants is exactly why Dr. Shoemaker offers the Fixed-Implant Bridge at our office here in Texoma. Offering this type of implant restoration is just one example of how we are utilizing the best technology available to go above and beyond for our valuable patients.

If you would like to learn more about Fixed-Implant Bridges or would like to schedule a complimentary 15 minute talking visit with Dr. Shoemaker please phone our office at 903-893-7751. Let us begin to end your tooth problems today!