Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard!®

By Brenda Linzag
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Are you going through a hard divorce? A hard divorce is if your spouse has threatened to ruin you financially, take your kids away from you, and make your life a living nightmare. Thankfully the Palmer Law Group is here to protect you from that. When someone is faced with this horrible situation the Palmer Law Group is excellent in court and here to help.

Palmer Law Group often gets results that are better than are even legally possibly obtainable in court. Going to court if often more like using a chainsaw to cut through the middle of your life. No one feels good in court except the lawyers. Court is a great money for the lawyers, but it’s torture for the clients. Palmer Law Group focuses to avoid court and have success to avoid court. But they are certainly not afraid to go into battle if war is necessary.

If revenge is what you want, Palmer Law Group is not the right law firm for you. The firm has a strict no revenge policy. “We don’t want clients who want revenge,” Dana explains. “It’s about making you healthy and ending the fighting, not increasing it. We WILL fight to protect you, but we do not fight for the sake of fighting. Those type of tactics often lead to higher bills and don’t and rarely, if ever, accomplish better results.”
Family law is different from other areas of law. There isn’t a definite mark of a “win”. For example, in criminal law staying out of jail equals a win. Dana’s movement is to establish good health as that mark for family law. Dana’s mission in life is to change the way people approach the divorce process.

Unlike a lot of other law firms, the Palmer Law Group offers extensive transparency. Clients have live access to the status of their case. They can actually digitally watch documents being developed, review attorney notes, and see what they do. Reviews consistently reflect this and add comments like “honest” and “great communication.” “How quickly did we give them their life back? How happy are the clients? This is how we measure success.” Palmer Law Group endeavors to deliver the highest quality and most efficient service.

Consultations begin with an explanation that everything you say is confidential. Then, you will talk through a three-step process with your attorney. Step one discusses your situation and why you needed to speak with them. Step two discusses what Palmer Law Group can do to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. “This process gives them a highly customized and efficient path where we find the best solution for them.”

Dana Palmer, the founder and CEO of Palmer Law Group, has crystalized his vision and is sharing it to benefit as many people as he can. “I am always looking for a better way to do things, then I’m compelled to share with others.” He noted that he is only one firm, thus limited on how many he can help. It’s been years in the making, but through Worthy Vision Company, he is teaching other lawyers around the country how to improve the lives of their clients too.

“You need to believe there is a better way. You need to believe that you should get your clients through the legal process in the healthiest way possible. You should be the type of person that would rather declare peace and negotiate the terms of the peace and get a healthy solution that to declare war and hope they settle by fear. I want to share this with as many attorneys as we possibly can.”

At Dana’s firm, their attorneys are farmer attorneys. Farmers grow, nurture, and multiply. By doing as good of a job as possible for their clients getting the healthiest results as quickly as they can. Palmer Law Group wants to get their cases solved quickly, for healthy results. Dana always focuses on the big pictures to help their clients get through the divorce process in the healthiest way possible. He helps them get a Soft Divorce® because “Divorce doesn’t have to be so hard!”

Founding Attorney & CEO
Dana is the founder and CEO of Palmer Law Group, P.C. He graduated from the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX after earning the professional degree of Juris Doctorate. He studied at both the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas at Dallas, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance, graduating cum laude from U.T.D. Dana was licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court of Texas throughout the state of Texas on August 26, 2006 and he opened the Law Offices of Dana C. Palmer, P.L.L.C. on September 1, 2006. The firm was renamed the Palmer Law Group, P.C. in 2016.
Dana has been a member of the College of the State Bar of Texas, the State Bar of Texas, the Dallas Bar Association, the Dallas Bar Association Family Law Section, the Collin County Bar Association, a Lifetime Member of the Texas Family Law Foundation, and the Dalmatian Club of North Texas and the Greater Collin Kennel Club, just to name a few.
Dana mentors and speaks on the topics of Family Law, Estate Planning, and Entrepreneurship. He has created many advanced techniques to deliver higher values to his clients, including Decision Counseling Sessions and Divorce Strategy Sessions. Dana wants to always deliver higher value, faster results, and customer satisfaction to our clients. Dana as received many perfect five-star reviews and a perfect 10 rating on AVVO.com (as of April 10, 2017) attest to that face.

Managing Probate & Estate Planning Attorney
Shanna Nugent attended law school and graduated from Southern Methodist University Dedmon School of Law in 2003. Recognized by her peers for superior work, she was a recipient for the 2011 Super Lawyers award. With experience that spans the ranges of corporate and transactional matters, real estate transactions, and general estate planning & probate, she has the foresight for planning as well as knowing the intricacies to get our clients through the probate process in the healthiest way possible. As the department managing attorney, Shanna sees that our clients plan for the future and ensures their families are protected when the unfortunate happens.

Managing Family Law Attorney
Daniel Bohmer received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems in 2000 with cum laude honors from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. He attended law school at SMU where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 2003. During law school Daniel served as Chief Counsel for the SMU Criminal Clinic and the Director of Public Service for the Board of Advocates. Before joining the Palmer Law Group, Daniel practiced public school law and governmental law. He represented some of the fastest growing school districts in the United States. Within the scope of public school and governmental law, his areas of practice included real estate transactions, trial and appellate practice, employment matters, and construction law. Daniel has worked on a variety of noteworthy appeals including Lewisville Independent Sch. v. Ch Townhomes, 346 S.W.3d 21 (Tex. App. 2011). Daniel believes that every family law matter should be handled in a healthy manner. He prides himself on providing efficient and effective counsel on each and every case.

Associate Attorney
Lisa Kreider received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Legal Studies from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi in 2012. She then earned a Juris Doctorate from Texas Tech University in 2016, where she served on the Estate Planning and Community Property Journal and interned with the Regional Public Defender of Capital Cases. Since early 2018, Lisa has focused her career on family law, and handled a variety of cases to completion involving custody, property division, and child support. Her favorite cases are-and always will be-adoptions, which are her particular area of expertise. Lisa’s approach to family law cases is personal and centers on the big picture. She works early on to determine a client’s goals and map out what achieving those might realistically look like.


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