Why You Need an Independent Physician

Some of the most important decisions in your life involve healthcare. Decisions that can impact your family, your work, as well as the quality and length of your life. You can’t even take the smallest decisions lightly.

Which is why you need an independent physician like Guy Culpepper, MD. Dr. Culpepper has led Bent Tree Family Physicians for 34 years, growing from a solo practice into a successful group of seven MDs and 13 mid-level providers, in North Dallas and Frisco.

Bent Tree Family Physicians is a nationally recognized primary care practice that blends the traditions of personalized healthcare with the latest medical science and technology.

Co-founder of Jefferson Physician Group, where he has served as CEO for 26 years, JPG is a group of over 500 practitioners dedicated to improving North Texas healthcare and to protecting the innovation of independent medical practices.

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