Man of Distinction

Dr. Reza Mobarak and his team bring a depth of knowledge to their patients at Southwest Foot and Ankle Center and DFW Would Care Center.

Patients always come first for Reza Mobarak, DPM, FACFAS, FAPWCA. Double board certified in foot and ankle surgery and wound care, he has been providing exceptional patient care for 20 years in the DFW metroplex.

It’s a philosophy that developed early on in his life and it’s one that has helped guide him in his journey to earn a distinguished reputation among his professional colleagues, medical peers and, most importantly, his patients.

He began his medical career from the ground up. While a teenager, Dr. Mobarak spent nights and weekends waiting tables to earn money to attend medical school. Working hard taught him the value of serving his customers, which translated to his patients as a doctor.

After immigrating to American from Iran in the early 1970s, his parents worked hard to establish a life in America. Interested in medicine from a young age, he pursued any opportunity to learn about the field in school. Growing up in South Dallas introduced him to America’s prospects, as did attending Asher Silverstein Elementary School.

Inspired by his parents’ immigration to America, education was always a priority. A national merit scholar at J.J. Pearce High School, Dr. Mobarak went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry with honors from Baylor University in just three years. From there, he attended Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine in Miami, Florida, and graduated with a Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. Utilizing summers to work and volunteer at local hospitals, he learned as much as he could about medicine in the clinical settings provided by the diverse Miami population. He also volunteered as a student in the South Florida community.

A surgical residency at Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System in Montgomery, Alabama, followed and furthered his specialty training in foot and ankle trauma, reconstruction surgery and intense limb salvage. Helping American veterans recover from unhealing wounds inspired Dr. Mobarak to attain his board certification in wound care. From there, he continued to gain more knowledge and insight on how to help his patients, specifically veterans, with proper preventative procedures, while recognizing there was room for much improvement in the tools at hand in podiatry and wound care fields.

As a native Texan, he returned to Dallas after his residency to work in Mansfield and the DFW Metroplex, further developing his training in podiatry and wound care. He founded Southwest Foot & Ankle Center & DFW Wound Care in 2009 with locations in Plano and Lewisville. Working hard, he grew his practice to five locations and added two associates, Dr. Mitch Williams and Dr. Joshua Worley, to more efficiently serve patients.

An emerging social media luminary, he offers unparalleled access to his work on TikTok @theDFWfootDoc and Instagram as @DFWfootDoc, where patients and fans get a behind-the-scenes look at procedures and outcomes. He has a love for his senior patients but also wants to reach younger generations and educate them on these platforms about prevention and medical procedures available. Dr. Mobarak’s extensive knowledge of podiatry and hands-on experience working with patients makes him one of the best at treating pediatric, senior, and sports injuries, which shines through in social media.

Led by Dr. Mobarak, the skilled team at Southwest Foot & Ankle Center cares for patients with foot and ankle problems using a wide array of state-of-the-art tools and techniques—from conservative physical therapy and injection therapy—to advanced surgical intervention.

“We employ a variety of treatments to heal foot and ankle problems and foot and ankle surgeries, in addition to cutting-edge laser technology, incorporating both high tech and high touch,” says Dr. Mobarak.

Endorsed by the Advanced Foot and Ankle Surgeon and American Professional Wound Care Association, Dr. Mobarak is also a Fellow of the American Professional Wound Care Association and board certified in wound care and foot reconstruction. He is also trained in hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

An adjunct faculty member at Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery and the Hunt Regional Podiatric Surgical Residency Program, Dr. Mobarak loves teaching his surgical residents the newest and most effective techniques in foot and ankle surgery and limb salvage.

Combining his knowledge of foot surgery with his love of teaching, Dr. Mobarak is an avid lecturer. He speaks at national and international events on advanced wound care, diabetic limb salvage, hyperbaric medicine, foot pain, and ankle trauma. This he combines with writing extensively in medical journals emphasizing wound care and limb salvage.

Another area in which Dr. Mobarak is particularly adept is the triple nerve release. He completed an intense surgical course in treating numbness, tingling, and tarsal tunnel syndrome. As a result, he provides a treatment that allows patients to walk the next day after surgery and decreases pain after surgery.

Known for his extensive knowledge of wound care, limb salvage, and foot and ankle trauma treatments, patients come from throughout the region to Southwest Foot and Ankle Center. They know they can trust their wounds to Dr. Mobarak because he treats each patient as an individual (both surgically and non-surgically), saving their limbs from amputation.

Helping others is a passion of Dr. Mobarak’s, evidenced by his travels to the Middle East to teach other doctors about limb salvage. There, he also started a hyperbaric oxygen program. ”I like to educate my patients, student doctors, and other doctors. It gives me satisfaction knowing that we will be able to prevent health issues, while ensuring physicians know how to treat and heal wounds. I want to accomplish and work toward continuing this in the years to come,” he says. “I also do this in my personal life; accomplishing my goals and finishing something I didn’t think I could do helps me push through any obstacles.”

The medical field is not the only arena in which Dr. Mobarak excels. He approaches fitness with the same dedication and vigor he applies to medicine. Waking up at 5 a.m. to work out in his garage, which he converted to a home gym, Dr. Mobarak never waivers from the goal at hand—exceeding his personal best.

He believes fitness and wellness should be a priority and shares this with his patients. If his schedule wasn’t full enough, Dr. Mobarak also volunteers his time to the community, enjoys bodybuilding and traveling. He also coaches his son and others in Greco Roman and freestyle wrestling.

“Experienced, quality, & thorough care––from the first visit, then surgery, to post-operative. I will/would recommend Dr. Reza Mobarak.”

Mr. Scolosky, a foot surgery patient of Dr. Mobarak’s.

“Dr. Mobarak was very friendly and helpful. I came in for a second opinion, and he took the time to explain what he would do to treat my problem. At no time did I feel like he was in a rush. Answered all our questions. If he were closer to Waco, I would use him for my surgery. I would recommend him and his accommodating staff to anyone.”