Dr. John Shoemaker: A dentist for the most complex of dental problems

Courtesy General, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry

We were looking for a dentist who listened to us; someone who cared about us as a person not a number or a money sign; someone with years of experience in dentistry along with the knowledge and experience in implant dentistry to really help us for a lifetime; someone who doesn’t view dentistry as a “quick fix” for five or ten years, but as a solution that will last a lifetime; someone who had the expertise to solve the simplest to the most complex of dental problems; someone who could help the dental patient that was told they could not be helped.

We found him in Dr. John Shoemaker.

My name is Joyce…             My name is Tommy….

My name is Craig….             My name is Mary….

My name is Mark….               My name is Debi…

My name is Johnnie…         My name is Lee….

My name could be your name, with similar dental needs and solutions to your dental problems.

Dr. Shoemaker has been a general dentist in the Sherman Texas area for over 30 years. He has been practicing implant dentistry for over 28 years, which is longer than any dentist in the Texoma area. He is degreed by The International Congress of Implantologists, and is a fellow of the world-renowned Misch Implant Institute.

Dr. Shoemaker sees patients everyday who are unable to wear their denture or their partial, who haven’t smiled or laughed in years, who are in constant pain, who have a hard time eating their favorite foods, who can’t enjoy a meal out with friends, who are embarrassed of their smile, who have bad breath and poor health due to neglected dental care, and who find it embarrassing to discuss these issues with just anyone. Dr. Shoemaker and his method of dentistry is the solution to all your dental problems. He treats his patients like family. Perfection is his middle name. His years of implant dentistry have made him an expert in the field.

Dr. Shoemaker has assembled the best staff in the Texoma area. They have trained for many years to understand and assist you in every facet of dentistry from general to implant. Each staff member has invested many hours of continuing education to become the best in their field. Their ability to care for each of their patients in every circumstance is remarkable. Their smiling faces, gentle touch and dental knowledge cause their patients to respond quickly and completely under their care. Like Dr. Shoemaker, they want the very best for their patients’ long term success.

Dr. Shoemaker performs all types of dentistry in his office from routine cleanings, extractions, crowns, root canals, placing of implants and implant restorations, and fillings. He offers sleep through your dentistry when necessary with oral and IV sedation. Over the last 3 years he has incorporated the new fixed (non-removable) implant bridge; the newest restoration to implant dentistry. It never breaks chips or stains, and is pallet-less (does not cover the roof of your mouth). It is superior to other implant restorations available today, and thus makes it the best replacement for missing teeth. The fixed bridge dramatically improves a patient’s ability to chew, eat and speak normally and comfortably. It changes our patients’ lives on many levels and denture adhesive is no longer necessary! Our patients feel whole again!

Dr. Shoemaker and his team believe that their patients deserve the best in dental care and restorations, which will lead them toward better overall health. They should also have the best possible dental function and confidence in themselves and their smile. When it comes to setting standards for patient care and quality dentistry, John Shoemaker and his dental team are totally committed to excellence. He and his team find that nothing is more rewarding than recreating what has been lost!

Decide today to allow Dr. Shoemaker and his team to serve you with the best dental care available in the Texoma area; where your name can become their name, your smile, and your dental solution can become a part of Dr. Shoemaker’s family of patients. Phone his office at 903-893-7752 and request a complimentary 15-minute talking visit where you will learn more about Dr. Shoemaker’s method of dentistry for replacing ill-fitting dentures/partials. Come find out if you are a candidate for dental implants or if a complete smile makeover is your best solution.