Extra Support and End-of-Life Care for the Entire Family Unit

Extra Support and End-of-Life Care for the Entire Family Unit

By Sarah Goodman, CSW, Hospice Associates, New Orleans LIVING WELL Magazine

Life is made up of moments and the collection of moments is what forms a memory. As we all journey through life we experience more moments, and these moments seem to become more precious as the inevitable limitations of life approach. Although death is a natural part of life, the thought of dying may still leave terminally ill individuals and their families frightened. Often times, the care that people require at the end-of-life to remain comfortable becomes so consuming that families are left feeling overwhelmed and unable to spend the quality time they would like with their loved one.

Hospice does not hasten nor postpone death; instead it offers palliative care to patients as well as emotional support and spiritual support to both patients and their loved ones. Hospice believes in preserving the dignity of each patient by providing compassionate, holistic care as people transition, subsequently enhancing the quality of remaining life. Hospice Associates is blessed with a highly skilled interdisciplinary team that has the ability to perform services at home, in assisted living facilities, in specific nursing homes and in our in-patient facilities. This is optimal because it allows for the patient and family to receive services where they are most comfortable and stops back-and-forth visits to hospitals. By allowing hospice the opportunity to care for your loved one, you gain an extra layer of support so that you can dedicate more moments with your loved one and let doctors, nurses, social workers, and chaplains take responsibility for making this time a little less stressful.

We recognize that the grief of losing a loved one is extremely challenging and that each family is going to cope in their own unique way. Our hope is to be there to help make the transition more comfortable for everyone involved. Hospice Associates wants to be there so that you and your loved ones can share those final moments with extra support and guidance.

Hospice Associates can help. You are not alone. For information on hospice & palliative care services or grief support, contact Hospice Associates: Metairie 504-457-2200, or Baton Rouge 225-218-1300, or visit www.hospiceassociates.com.