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Wine Tasting: Expand Your Horizons

Courtesy TCU Extended Education, LIVING WELL Magazine

It used to be “do you prefer red or white?” Now, it’s “do you prefer Old World vs. New World, Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay, the 2005 or 2007 vintage?” There is no reason to be intimidated by wine—your palate is your own and it’s up to you as to how in-depth you want to go. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for “budding oenophiles” and more seasoned wine lovers to learn more. Here’s what you can expect:

Do It Yourself (DIY) Wine Tasting

This is probably the least expensive and most convenient way to learn about wine. You get to determine the types of wine for sampling and the price point. You can choose to sample different varietals, or the same varietal (Chardonnay) from different wineries, regions or vintages. The options are endless!

Wine Bar & Winery Excursions

Most area wineries and wine bars in the area offer smaller samples or “flights” of wine, usually within the same color or varietal. You can pick your selection and go back and forth about which ones you like. Keep in mind that area wineries will be offering their own wines, which add a unique local flair, while wine bars may have a more extensive line-up.

Wine Classes

A wine class with a professional offers you a chance to learn more about the wines, why they taste and look the way they do and an opportunity to try wines you might not on your own. Class topics can be broad, Wine Tasting 101, to more targeted programs like Wines of Italy. Meeting other wine-loving folks is also a benefit.

Wine Trips

Wine trips allow you to immerse yourself in the wine and culture of your destination. In-depth winery visits, meeting with winery owners and wine masters, select tastings and food-wine pairings are on the itineraries. Most trips will suit both the most discerning wine palate as well as wine newbies.

TCU Extended Education offers wine classes and trips annually in addition to nearly 200 personal and professional development classes each semester. For more information on classes, visit or call 817-257-7132.