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Now That’s Something to Smile About

By Faisal A. Quereshy, MD, DDS, FACS, Medical Director/Board Certified and Najia Usman, DDS, Board Certified Endodontist,Visage Surgical Institute in Medina, Akron LIVING WELL Magazine
People with missing teeth oftentimes feel self-conscious about their smile. Eating and even talking may be difficult or embarrassing. Can you image how this must affect their confidence, desire to interact with others, and the ability to really enjoy life? Missing teeth can also cause irregularities in biting and chewing, impacting the ability to eat normally, which may lead to more severe health issues including malnutrition.

For years, options for someone with missing teeth were limited to either removable partial or full upper and/or lower dentures, or permanent-fixed bridges. These solutions are not “problem –free.” For many people, dentures are uncomfortable, irritating and sometimes unsightly when they don’t fit properly.  Dental fixed bridgework requires cutting the teeth in-front and behind the missing tooth to “bridge” the gap, compromising the strength of healthy teeth surrounding the bridgework. But with advances in dental science and technology, dental implants are a very successful, long-term treatment choice.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots used to support a restoration for a missing tooth or teeth, and provide a permanent, stable solution to the problem. By replacing missing tooth roots with dental implants, people can and with restored confidence – eat the foods they love, and truly enjoy life.  Additionally, dental implants stimulate and maintain the jaw bone, preventing future bone loss and help maintain facial features.

Dental implants perform best for patients who have sufficient bone in the area of the missing tooth or teeth to provide enough anchorage for the implant to heal. A thorough evaluation of the remaining bone should be performed by examination and specific x-rays of the region. This evaluation will allow an oral surgeon to determine the type and size of the implant, and the precise location in the jaw. The latest Cone-Beam CT Scans provides 3-D images specific for evaluation of facial bones and allows for “Virtual Surgical Planning” with high precision when surgically placing dental implants, and gives the patients the ability to walk away with “Teeth-in-A-Day” procedures!

This procedure can be performed as an in-office surgery with local or sedation anesthesia. Dental implants require a six- to eight-week healing period. A soft diet is initially recommended to prevent premature trauma on the implant. After close follow-up during the healing process, a dental crown can be attached to the implant to complete the replacement process.

For the past 15 years, dental implants have been performed with excellent results. However, it is important for anyone with dental implants to commit to maintaining good oral hygiene and follow regular check-up protocol with their dentist. To find out if dental implants are right for you, consult with your general dentist or oral surgeon to evaluate these reliable treatment options.

Change Your Life with a Beautiful Smile – in just One Day !                                      

Your smile is about to have its best day ever. Now you can fix unsightly gaps in your smile with dental implants and fixed bridges, and never have to deal with gum disease, worry about cavities or face a drill again!

An extraordinary dental procedure has been developed that permits the placement of a full set of implants and a fixed bridge in as little as one appointment. An entire mouthful of teeth may be replaced with implants and a non-removable set of new teeth in as little as an hour. This procedure is called “Teeth in A Day” and you can get the entire treatment under sedation (sleep dentistry).

This new procedure can change your life. Patients who benefit most from this revolutionary and highly sophisticated system are those with dentures or teeth so compromised that the option is to extract all of their teeth.

Traditionally patients would have to choose from one of the following less-than-desirable options:

1) Removable dentures, which everybody hates, are aesthetically and functionally compromised. Chewing ability is reduced to 10-20% of what is normal.

2) Multiple implants and a fixed bridge. This procedure is very costly, requires numerous appointments with months of healing and potentially bone and sinus grafting.

3) Denture connected to two or four implants with attachments. This procedure is relatively less expensive, however the final restoration is not fixed. Patients have to snap the dentures in and out for hygiene. Studies show that patients recover only 50-60% of their chewing ability.

TEETH IN A DAY” or “All-On-Four,” is a revolutionary technique that gives patients 90% of their chewing ability back in a single appointment, with less pain and at a much lower cost.

Call Dr. Quereshy at 330-721-2323 for your dental implant consultation. Dr. Faisal A. Quereshy is a board certified facial and cosmetic surgeon, and the medical director at the Visage Surgical Institute in Medina.