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Making Life Easier for Seniors

Rick Cseak, Home Helpers of Denver, East Denver LIVING WELL Magazine

This past winter, I noticed my neighbor shoveling snow off her sidewalk. I was surprised to see her knowing she had just had surgery on her hip a few weeks earlier. I walked over and we started chatting, as I casually took the shovel and finished up the walkway.

My neighbor then invited me in for a cup of coffee and in a matter of minutes she was telling me about her family and life here in Colorado. Originally from New York, she had been living in the Denver area for almost 42 years. All of her children lived away and had families of their own. Without hesitation, she let me know how very independent she was at 78 years old, and that her plan was to stay that way! She shared that it was the small things that had become hard for her. “It’s things like driving, cooking, shopping and keeping my house clean that are difficult,” she said.

How often is it that we know a neighbor, friend or loved one in a similar situation? They’re still doing well, but just needing some assistance. This can help them remain safe, comfortable and most of all, happy at home. Receiving In-home care can be the first step in helping a loved one stay independent and healthy. Home Helpers believes non-medical home care, that includes personal care, can be just the solution.

Home Helpers, a licensed agency, employs, insures, screens and oversees their care staff.  We focus on quality, dignity and caring assistance. Many needs can be met by having a personal care attendant help for a few hours in the morning, during the day or perhaps the evening – depending on the individual’s needs.

Putting the focus on prevention and taking advantage of non-medical homecare, your loved one will receive help when he or she needs it the most – whether it’s meal planning and preparation, housekeeping, errands, bathing assistance or simply faithful and reliable companionship.

Home Helpers of Denver, located at 286 South Downing Street, is serving the needs of seniors, families and communities throughout the entire Denver and Aurora metro area. Please call our office at 303-777-7870 for more information on services.