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How often should I be seen for periodontal maintenance care?

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Periodontal disease is the main cause of tooth loss in adults in the U.S. and has been associated with many other health risks. This disease is an ongoing infection with periods of activity. Once you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, it is important to remain dedicated to a permanent schedule of professional oral care and diligent home care to maintain your health. This disease can’t be cured, but its destruction can be halted through regular maintenance visits.

Plaque constantly forms on your teeth containing bacteria that regularly attack your teeth and gums. When plaque is not thoroughly removed, it hardens into a deposit known as calculus or tarter. Daily brushing and flossing will minimize the formation of calculus, but will not entirely prevent it. Even with diligence, plaque can cause the recurrence of an aggressive infection in just three months following a periodontal maintenance cleaning.   A three month recall appointment is timed to disable the destructive process at its critical stage, when the bacteria has recolonized and their poisons do the most harm to the supporting structures.

For patients with periodontal disease, three-month periodontal maintenance appointments are not an option, but a requirement for successful therapy. At this visit, the hygienist can access deeper pocket areas and disrupt the bacteria so that they do not continue to multiply and cause additional bone loss and increased pocket depths.

During your periodontal maintenance visit we will examine your mouth for any abnormal changes and measure the depth of the pockets around your teeth. It gives us the opportunity to evaluate your home oral hygiene. The majority of periodontal patients are not able to debride the depths of their periodontal pockets with home care alone.

Through proper periodontal treatment and an ongoing program of periodontal maintenance therapy, Dr. Marija G. LaSalle can give you the opportunity to maintain your strong, beautiful smile and overall good health for a lifetime. If you notice any signs and symptoms including bleeding, inflammation, foul taste or odor coming from your gums, please call us immediately to schedule a consultation and assessment.

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