The Secret to Preventing Hospital Readmission

Grayson Home Health

Courtesy, Grayson Home Health

For chronically ill elderly patients, heading home from the hospital is a welcome transition — but one that requires the proper care to be successful. Transitional Care can help patients remain at home and reduce hospital readmissions.

Beginning in the hospital with discharge planning and then continuing to an individualized at-home treatment plan, our advanced practice nurses, who are specially trained to care for those with chronic conditions, can assess and monitor patients’ needs and progress. These nurses provide an advanced level of care, while coordinating additional care between other physicians and resources. They can also serve as a liaison between a patient and a pharmacy to seamlessly optimize medication and treatment. Advanced practice nurses at particularly effective for coordinating lab work, filing health records, following up with physician appointments and testing, and providing the family with a holistic view of the patient’s situation.

When choosing a home health provider, consider whether they offer master’s level, advanced practice, transitional care nurses who are available 24/7. Ask if they have experience with the patient’s specific chronic illness. See if their approach makes a patient feel as if a member of the family is caring for them. When it comes to Grayson Home Health, the answer to these questions is yes.

As the only home health provider in the North Texas area to offer transitional care by a master’s level, advanced practice, transitional care nurse, our staff coordinates all aspects of care to reduce stress for our patients. Regular home visits and scheduled phone calls with the use of Telehealth technology allow us to identify health changes and manage them before they become hospital readmission issues. With a higher level of care and proactive treatment, patients are less likely to require further hospitalization, and can remain comfortable where they are happiest.

Grayson Home Health is committed to respectful, exceptional care, which has earned praise from our patients. One patient put it best by saying that we act as an extra set of eyes and ears to help the whole family understand the current situation and what options are available to them.

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