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No Limitations – Blue Skies Ahead

By Dr. Gil Ortega, Dr. Kurtis Staples, and Dr. Brian Miller, Sonoran Hip Center, Scottsdale LIVING WELL Magazine

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful surgeries ever performed for its real indication – pain that interferes with one’s quality of life. With over 250,000 of these surgeries performed annually in the U.S. alone, many individual’s lives are being changed for the better every single day. This is exciting, however, like any surgical procedure, it is not without some potential risk. It is major surgery, and complications do happen, one of which is termed ‘dislocation.’

A hip dislocation is when the ball of the new hip joint comes out of the socket. This can be an awful experience for patients. It is painful and requires re-hospitalization so the hip can be replaced back into the socket. Even though specific limitations are expected after surgery – patients are not allowed to bend their hip past 90 degrees, cross their legs, sleep on their sides, or crouch to the floor – dislocation may still occur. This can be very frustrating and limiting to patients, and can impact recovery time.

In contrast to the traditional approach, direct anterior hip replacement surgery offers patients a whole different experience that is simple and fearless. This approach to surgery allows the same relief of agonizing hip pain with improved function, yet without the limitations. In fact it is surgery with no limitations. Performing the procedure without damaging any muscles or removing any tendons from the bone offers immediate stability of the hip and almost no risk of dislocation. Patients are immediately allowed to walk, stand, crouch, sleep and do essentially any activity without restriction, and most importantly without the fear of a painful dislocation.

This exciting news means one can have a faster recovery with less pain and be up and out enjoying blue skies and fresh air without limitations. As a result of these benefits, patients are back to golfing, swimming, biking, skiing and other activities in just weeks. Dr. Brian Miller, Dr. Kurtis Staples and Dr. Gil Ortega all have extensive training and experience with direct anterior hip replacement.

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