Why Choose Cremation?

Why Choose Cremation?

Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home

The trend continues. Cremation, a centuries old funeral rite, is increasingly chosen by individuals and families as an option that provides greater flexibility, allowing families to honor loved ones with traditional or contemporary arrangements––or even a blend of the two.

Charles Dannel, fifth generation owner of Dannel Funeral Home, said there are many reasons why cremation appeals to so many. Among them:

  • Environmental concerns
  • Personal or spiritual philosophy
  • The possibility of less cost
  • Society’s increasing mobility across broad geographic areas
  • Growing acceptance among many religions.

Dannel Funeral Home provides cremation as one of many services to Texoma families. Charles says cremation is simply another form of disposition, and that it doesn’t change the value of thoughtful memorials that celebrate life, acknowledge grief, and provide a significant tribute. “In fact,” Charles says, “cremation services may be no different than services for burial or interment. In recent years, people have increasingly chosen services tailored to the individual, adding ‘personality’ and meaning for the family. Cremation doesn’t change that.”

In addition to the varied service options available, families can still arrange to see their loved one before saying a final good-bye. Some families wish to have their loved one prepared for viewing at a family night or during the service. Cremation doesn’t take away options, it simply provides families with additional choices.

“We will assist you with every part of planning and carrying out whatever arrangements are most meaningful for you and your family,” says Charles. “We’ll talk with you about final resting place options, scattering, urns, interment, services, and keepsakes.

“We’ve been honored to help Texoma families for over 100 years. My primary interest is to be sure every family’s emotional and spiritual needs are met. They only do this one time for their loved one; they get this one chance. We focus on how to help them feel comfortable in knowing they did the right thing, that they fulfilled the wishes of their loved one, so they can begin healing.”

Charles invites you to find out more about cremation at www.dannelfuneralhome.com. Or call 903-893-1171.