Your Opinion Matters When It Comes to Funeral Planning

Your Opinion Matters
By Rick Allen

Planning has many benefits. Planning a vacation or a joyous occasion such as a wedding or baby shower often result in months of discussion and attention to details. Much effort goes in to making certain that everything goes smoothly, and no stone is left unturned. If you are fortunate enough to not worry about expenses, the planning is even more fun. The result is gratifying, and the stories told recounting the amazing event will go on for years.

Naturally, an event that will not be pleasant to attend or even think about for that matter is not something that anyone wants to discuss or certainly plan for. However, while we plan for retirement, college, weddings, and vacations, many people fail to plan for the one thing we all, without exception, have in front of us. Over the course of my career, I have met with many families who have lost a loved one. Not a single family whose loved one planned has expressed regret or displeasure. On the other hand, I talk with families who are completely caught off guard and have no idea what the person who has died would have wanted for their final arrangements.

Your opinion does matter because it may be the only time your family will hear you say what you prefer when it comes to your funeral, burial, or cremation. Sitting down with a pre-planning professional at your funeral home of choice will bring you peace of mind and allow you to guide the process as you want to, not leave all the important details to your family to struggle through after you are gone. Pre-planning also assures that the cost is what you are comfortable with and when pre-planning, you will have payment options that are typically not available after someone has died. Most plans today are fully transferable should you relocate and by prepaying, you lock in the cost at today’s price, thus protecting your family from inflation.

Talk about this subject with your family while you can express your feelings and desires. The peace of mind you will have once the discussion is over and you have a plan in place will be remarkable. Furthermore, your opinion will be heard because it does matter!