Dr. Norman J. Pomerance talks a new smile in a snap – LIVING WELL Magazine


By Dr. Norman J. Pomerance, Denton LIVING WELL Magazine 

If you have ever thought of improving your smile by whitening your teeth, having them straightened, repaired or missing ones replaced, you may have considered braces, implants, bridges, and veneers or crowns. These cosmetic procedures would surely result in a bright, new smile you could be proud of; but they are time consuming and require a significant financial investment.

There is now a new method available that can transform your smile for a fraction of the cost. Snap-On Smileis a comfortable, removable, dental appliance that involves no drilling, filing down of existing tooth structure, injections, cementation nor adhesives. The slightly flexible material used allows Snap-On Smile to expand over the teeth and snugly hold them tightly so you can eat and speak without the appliance coming loose or shifting. It can be fabricated in less than three weeks.

Snap-On Smile is made of a non- porous resin, which is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and is more stain resistant then acrylic and allows it to be very thin without compromising its strength. This appliance is durable, resists stains from cigarettes, wine, and coffee, does not absorb food debris or bacteria, and allows you to eat while wearing it. You can choose from several shades and smile shapes to create a totally customized smile. Snap-On Smile is so affordable that it may be used as a temporary appliance; yet it is so durable, it can be worn daily for years, creating a long-term change in your appearance. It can be made to cover only a small area of your dentition or it can cover all teeth for a complete solution to your cosmetic concerns. Snap-On Smile can also be worn on the upper and lower teeth simultaneously.

If you are missing teeth in the front and/or back of your mouth and have considered removable partial dentures for tooth replacements, Snap-On Smile may also be the appliance of choice. It can be fabricated to replace any number of missing teeth without the use of any hooks or clasps visible. It is very cosmetic and durable and can improve your bite and chewing efficiency tremendously, enabling your teeth to meet and chew better.

For a complete dental cosmetic makeover, consider Snap-On Smile.

Dr. Pomerance has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry for over 34 years and is knowledgeable about the latest techniques, advances and trends in his field. He may be reached at 940-382-3530.