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Lacombe Nursing Centre on the Role of Occupational Therapy

By Susan L. Howden, LOTR, Lacombe Nursing Centre, Northshore LIVING WELL Magazine 

The role of an occupational therapist in a skilled nursing facility, such as Lacombe Nursing Centre, is to promote a client’s optimal functional ability and provide opportunities for an increased sense of competency and self fulfillment. A licensed occupational therapist will evaluate and implement individualized treatment plans that potentially could include:

* Training in self-care skills (i.e.: bathing, dressing, grooming and hygiene) while promoting independence and dignity

* Training in functional mobility skills as it relates to self care

* Education and compensatory strategies for loss of motor function, cognitive impairments, sensory loss, and visual impairment

* Upper extremity interventions for neuromuscular, strength, sensory, and fine motor impairments interfering with self care

* Addressing behavioral health needs in collaboration with other  facility staff as it may impact performance of daily activities

* Environmental modifications and adaptation of tasks to maximize safety (i.e.: falls prevention and fatigue management)

* Recommendations on positioning techniques to enhance function, promote comfort, and maintain skin integrity

* Contracture management and splinting

* Caregiver education related to utilizing a client’s abilities to enhance function and preserve dignity

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Susan Howden, LOTR, can be reached at Lacombe Nursing Centre at 985-882-5417.