The time is right to decide where you belong

The Time is Right

By Shirley Long, Parkview, Collin County LIVING WELL Magazine

As we enter the more mature era of our lives, a question confronts us: “Where do I belong?”  This season may challenge us to reconsider our sense of place as life changes face us—changes such as career (retirement), relationships (widowhood), physical health and the ability to maintain a home. When finding our “place,” we must look at our “internal place” as well as our “external place,” as we seek to discover the appropriate basis on which to choose to move or stay, to cling to or to renew. This process can become quite an emotional struggle as we make the decision to actually give up our familiar lifestyle and make such a change. But it is inevitable—even in nature, animals know how to move about and relocate at just the right time.

The biggest hurdle is taking that first step by making the decision to do it. One of the most common statements I hear from seniors contemplating moving to a senior community is, “I don’t think I am ready for this right now.” I always respond, “What will it look like when you are ready?” I am saddened when people put off making the move to a senior community because they have an inaccurate perception of independent senior living. Waiting too long may mean missing the golden opportunity to enjoy a carefree lifestyle, make new friends and add more meaning to their life. Most people have worked hard for such a lifestyle, and it is a shame to postpone the move, encounter major health programs, and then be forced to go directly to assisted living or to skilled nursing.

Seniors living in independent retirement communities can participate in a wide range of organized events and activities, encouraging interaction, minimizing isolation, and preventing a feeling of loneliness. Such activities and the related social relationships add real joy to each day.

Determining the right place for relocation is a serious challenge. Studying brochures and gathering information simply doesn’t adequately provide all the answers. Most independent communities offer such similar amenities, but are profoundly different—defined most accurately by the people who live and work there.

Ultimately, the place we are looking for is a place somewhere within ourselves. I encourage anyone contemplating moving to a senior community to visit several. You will know when you have found your “home” by the feel when you walk through the door. So, take that first step and contact an independent senior community in your area. You’ll find the sales team a tremendous help in providing both information and resources to help you through the change process.

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