A Room for All Reasons

Adding living space offers many benefits.

Have you been standing at that back door or window wishing you could bring the sunny outdoors into your home, or be closer to your beautifully landscaped back yard? There are several ways of adding that living space. First, you need to determine how much of the year you want to utilize the space.

A large sliding glass door will bring a lot more light into your room. A deck will serve you about five months of the year. Rainy days, hot days, and buggy nights will reduce opportunities to enjoy the space.

The 3 Seasons Room can be used comfortably, about nine months of the year. You will want to close off the room on the coldest days, but sunny winter days warm up the room nicely. These rooms can be assembled on an existing deck or patio slab with a little modification. Wall systems are constructed with full glass sliding windows for optimum view or with insulated panels in the lower sections for more privacy. The 3 Season Room is wired for electrical outlets, a ceiling fan and the option of a space heating/cooling unit.

Several models are available to compliment the style of your home and make the most of your setting. This is a great option if you’re gone for the winter months.

Another option is the “stick built,” 4 Season Room. This style of room is built on a foundation of footings, has a rafter system roof, is insulated and finished with sheet rocked walls. Windows can be positioned for the best view. This type of room is heated and cooled off the existing HVAC system. With the doors open this becomes another finished room of the house. It is a great spot to read, relax and watch nature year round.

Enthusiastic customers have offered to sell their dining table because they just don’t use the dining room anymore. They say, they eat all their meals and pretty much live in the sunroom.  One couple said the sun room was one of the top three features that sold them on buying their home.

Either type of room can add months of outdoor living space to your home, years of enjoyment and great value as well.