The Benefits of In-Patient Rehabilitation

Courtesy Carrus Hospitals

After being in a car accident, Sherman resident Carol Shea was in Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital for 11 days. Her therapy was customized, intense and designed to help her regain mobility and strength.

Carrus rehabilitation patients receive therapy three hours a day, six days a week under a physician-supervised treatment program. A typical stay is 10 to 14 days, during which time patients may be seen by a physical therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and respiratory therapist, as well as nurses, registered dietitians, and physician assistants.

According to Corey Bates, a physical therapist at Carrus, early mobilization and motion is the key to a successful recovery. The goal is to rehabilitate patients to a level where they can go home and continue their improvement there.

Therapists use creative techniques to adapt treatments to the individual’s preferences as well as their physical needs. It’s part of Carrus’s commitment to caring for the whole person.

“I was surprised that I liked the therapy structure so much, because I’m not a morning person and we were up at 7:30 a.m.,” said Shea. “They scheduled treatments based on my energy levels at different times of the day. I remember that physical therapy started at nine on the dot.”

Shea said that due to her inability to use one of her legs for a time, the therapists taught her to hop on her good leg. “I remember I could hop 29 hops on one leg, and I’m 79 years old! Pretty good, I think!”

It’s that kind of experience that makes Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital the facility of choice for so many. “I can’t believe Grayson County has a facility like this,” Shea remarked. “You would expect this level of care and expertise in Dallas, but to have it here is a blessing. They have everything––compassion, great programs, great staff with great expertise, great food, and a beautiful facility. I tell everybody about Carrus!”

Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital is licensed by the state of Texas and the Texas Department of Health & Human Services, and accredited by DNV. A list of physician investors is available by calling 903-870-2746. Carrus is an equal opportunity employer. Most services are paid for by Medicare or private insurance.


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