Planning Ahead for Your Funeral

Speak Your Mind

Author: Rick Allen

My dad was, in one sense, a man of few words. His words were well chosen and spoken with a tone of confidence that literally dared you to challenge him. While everyone might not agree with him completely on a particular subject, it was hard to say that he was totally wrong because he whole-heartedly believed in his position.

When my dad died in 1995, as a family, we had no doubt what the appropriate things to do were in planning his funeral and burial. His professional demeanor and desire to be well-dressed led us to select his best dark colored suit, white shirt, and a bold tie. His love of God and care and concern for his friends and colleagues made it right and fitting to hold his funeral at his church. His planning in advance and selecting the exact spot near a beautiful, large magnolia tree in the local cemetery where he and my mother would ultimately be laid side by side eliminated the need for discussion regarding this final disposition.

As I sat in the pew, deep in my own grief, I could not have been more proud of my dad. The words spoken by the pastor, a man who knew my dad so well, recalled experiences they had shared and words of encouragement and guidance that my dad had offered during difficult times. The song sung by the vocalist reflected a life lived by serving others. Finally, after the prayer at the cemetery, the bright, blue, crisp December sky swallowed up the colorful balloons we all released with our personal notes of “Good-Bye” attached. In spite of how difficult and sad the that occasion was for me and my family, looking back, I now feel so happy and proud that because we knew our dad so well and understood his attitudes, creating a meaningful and appropriate tribute to his life came naturally. While writing this article, I have stopped on two occasions to take phone calls from people who are currently dealing with family members who are terminally ill and near death. Both families are just now beginning their search for information about funeral options and cost. Neither caller had discussed the subject with their family member who was ill, and unfortunately, “last minute” talks along that line can be extremely difficult and uncomfortable. So, as always, be sure family members know where you stand on important issues.

As I close this issue’s article, I would like to offer a word of exceeding thanks to all of our military men and women who are courageously serving our country around the world. Additionally, I want to thank all of those who have previously served as well. Our funeral home is a proud member of the Veterans and Family Memorial Care Network. We are still privately owned and family operated, but as a member of this network we have agreed to offer certain benefits to qualifying veterans. To learn more about the Veterans and Family Memorial Care, you can log on to or call our funeral home and we can send you a brochure. Finally I would like to wish each and every one of you a blessed upcoming holiday season and all of the best in the upcoming year.


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