Bringing Back Valued Traditions

Reuniting with family and friends brings such joy after having spent months apart. We all missed hugs.

The pandemic changed how we lived our lives, and how we dealt with death. Understandably, the experience of loss, grief and bereavement was altered.

“There’s no pause button for grief and, when unresolved, it can take a tremendous toll,” says Charles Dannel, owner of Dannel Funeral Home. “Many people missed the time-honored traditions that can be enormously comforting. There is great value in grieving together with friends and family, in having ceremonies and sharing stories.”

As we emerge from recent challenges, finding our way back to some semblance of normalcy, many people are prioritizing making pre-planning arrangements now, before the need arises.

“Without a pre-plan, it’s not unusual for families to struggle with what they see as this one chance to ‘get it right.’” Charles continues. “And some never really know. If we can help makes things a little bit easier, it can help create a more positive path to healing.”

The pre-planning process isn’t difficult and can be done safely in person or online through Dannel Funeral Home, where knowledgeable professionals will assist you with arrangements that are meaningful, as well as affordable. The more you know, the more comfortable you’ll be making necessary plans now, while you can talk with family and make important decisions that will have lasting impact.

One of the most frequent questions about pre-planning is what happens if you move to another city? Your arrangements are transferable, so another funeral home will honor your plan. Additionally, you have payment options. Costs are frozen, even if the service is paid out in installments. (Funeral costs, like most other services, rise over time.) The document is amendable as well.

Pre-planning is a much-appreciated gift you leave behind for your family. Like all that you taught them. All the love that you shared. And all the laughter you generated. Charles invites you to give him a call at 903-893-1171. Or browse the website for more information. The Dannel family has been helping families like yours for over 100 years.