Surprising Advantages to Pre-planning Your Funeral

Surprising Advantages to Pre-planning Your Funeral

Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home

Suppose you die unexpectedly. We don’t like to think about it, but it happens and when it does, families are faced with making over 100 decisions very quickly. They may struggle with doing what they hope is what you would have wanted. But they won’t know for sure. Unless you have a pre-plan.

The simple act of pre-planning your service is a remarkable way to assist your family through the difficult days surrounding your passing. Knowing your wishes relieves them of the tremendous burden of having to guess, and hope they “get it right.”

The process requires thoughtful attention, but it isn’t arduous or unpleasant. Some of it is simple information gathering, including facts about your life. There is a place in the Dannel Preplanning Guide, a preliminary planning tool, to describe the type of service you want, whether you’d like to be cremated or buried, who you want to officiate, favorite flowers, and other helpful information.

You can record logistics, such as where you store important papers, who your insurance agent is, where you bank. You can list cherished items––what they are, why you love them, who you would like to have them. Finally, the guide includes space for your family history and treasured memories.

Be assured that pre-planning arrangements are transferable, so if you move to another city, another funeral home will honor your plan. You have payment options within a plan that fits your budget. And costs are frozen, even if the service is paid out in installments. (Funeral costs, like most other services, rise over time.)

A Dannel Funeral Home counselor will assist you throughout the process, working with you on a broad range of choices. You can take your time. You are welcome to take the guide home and discuss it with your family.

“Pre-planning is one of the most important gifts you will ever give, offering peace of mind to those you love most,” says Charles Dannel, owner of Dannel Funeral Home. “It’s one of the reasons we say, ‘Take care of your family. We’ll take care of everything else.’” You are invited to call 903-893-1171 for more information.