The Changing Face of Personal and Professional Value––ValuSum

The Changing Face of Personal and Professional Value

One Valley Technology Start-Up Offers a Free Online Value Assessment 

Courtesy ValuSum, Scottsdale LIVING WELL Magazine

Economic shifts, market uncertainty and a changing employment landscape are forcing many people to think––like Apple Computers––differently. One entrepreneur, Tom Krueger, a former Intel executive, is helping people all over the world better understand their personal and professional value. Krueger is a partner in, a free and intuitive online platform that attempts to measure a person’s value using technology and a “brilliantly simple” online assessment.

“I have been in the corporate world for over 20 years and the writing is on the wall,” says Krueger. “Many people are in desperate need to better understand their value and how others perceive their value, especially through the digital lens where data can define who you are even without you being present. The ValuSum assessment helps people identify and build their value in a realistic way that is also private.”

Krueger, who joined the ValuSum venture early on in 2012, has become a passionate spokesperson for the organization, which is headquartered in Scottsdale. In the last two years, the company has developed a proprietary assessment and scoring method that measures the internal, external and digital value of an individual. The 30-question assessment covers a broad range of subject matter under 10 life and career categories that help define a person’s present situation. Over 100 diverse thought leaders and contributors were involved in the development of the assessment.

Once an individual completes the online assessment, they are able to access a secure scoring dashboard that displays both their value strengths and value gaps. Since launching the beta version in late 2012, ValuSum has helped thousands of people better connect with their value. The assessment scoring also includes insightful tips on improving value. “The purpose is to get people to fill in their value gaps and leverage their value assets,” states Krueger. “It’s an eye opening process that really works.”

The company is set on a mission to push the ValuSum assessment out as far as possible. In 2013, the goal is to reach one million individuals. Even employers are gravitating to the offering, as they want their employees to self-assess as part of a proactive career development process. “ValuSum intends on providing solutions for companies that are looking for innovative ways to create more meaningful relationships with their employees,” states Krueger. He believes the ValuSum solution offers a resourceful tool for screening potential candidates and retaining existing employees.

Workforce changes mean a new set of rules for employers and those seeking employment

With unemployment high and opportunities becoming harder to locate, Krueger and the ValuSum team are committed to helping people realize their potential and how to package it for others to plainly see. “Today, you have to bring tremendous value to the table or you will not be considered for any opportunity, claims Krueger. “ValuSum opens people up to realize that they need to take personal responsibility and become a self-motivated leader for their own success path. We simply provide a vehicle to accelerate that process,” says Krueger.

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