Compounding offers Customized Treatment Options

Customized Treatment Options with Compounding

Last time we wrote about compounding, what it was, and the resurgence of compounding. This time I’d like to concentrate on health issues that concern seniors and the way in which Compounding Pharmacy can offer treatment options not available from manufactured drugs.

Manufactured drugs are tested on young male volunteers, often a prison population, before they are released to the general public. As we age our metabolism slows, we quite often lose weight and so a drug in a mg strength that works well on a 25-year-old male is probably not the best choice for a senior. A compounding pharmacist can customize a drug into a strength and dosage form more suitable for a senior.

An oral capsule dosage form is not always the best choice, as many seniors have swallowing difficulties. The compounder can make that dosage into a pleasant tasting liquid or into a transdermal cream that can be applied topically.

Shingles is a potentially devastating disease for seniors and the pain can linger for months. A compounded shingles gel not available commercially offers relief and shortens the duration of this painful condition. Hemorrhoids are another condition that disproportionately affects seniors. There is a compounded suppository called a rectal rocket, so named for its shape, and the “butt” of many jokes, no pun intended. This suppository contains an anesthetic and an anti-inflammatory, and has shrunken golf ball-size hemorrhoids, and in several cases eliminated the need for surgery.

These are just a few examples of how compounding can help the senior population.