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Not All Hip Pain is Created Equal

Dr. Gil Ortega, Dr. Kurtis Staples, and Dr. Brian Miller, Sonoran Hip Center, Scottsdale LIVING WELL Magazine

Primary complaints of hip pain are frequent in orthopaedic surgeons’ offices. This symptom is a reflection of a variety of disorders that “masquerade” as pain in the hip, including bursitis and low back pain. A majority of these symptoms are from processes which may respond to non-surgical treatments.

Bursitis, an inflammatory process, is localized in the outer aspect of the hip. Often, the pain radiates down the leg to the knee and is aggravated by walking and climbing. Stretching exercises, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and injections are standard treatments.

Another source of pain in the hip area originates from problems with the lower back. Arthritis, pinched nerves, spinal disk degeneration and back muscle spasms generally lead to pain in the back of the hip or buttock area. This referred pain from the back can extend from the low back to the hip and is aggravated by walking, and other exercise too. The most common treatment is a combination of physical rehabilitation and anti-inflammatory medication.

In contrast, the most common symptom of arthritis of the hip is an achy pain in the groin. Groin pain is the best indicator of true hip joint arthritis. Patients with hip arthritis describe difficulty with putting on their socks and shoes and getting in and out of a car. Patients with arthritis of the hip may gain relief through physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. When non-operative measures fail to relieve pain and daily activities become difficult, it is time to consider a total hip replacement.

Anterior total hip replacement is the most muscle friendly technique for hip replacement and allows an accelerated recovery with less pain and scarring. As no muscles are cut, the hip is more stable. Following surgery, patients have no restrictions or limitations. The accuracy of reproducing symmetric leg lengths is increased. The PRO-Fx operating table and use of x-ray in surgery make this possible. As a result of these benefits, patients are back to golfing, swimming, biking, skiing and other activities in just weeks.

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