Statesman Life Centers and The Manor at Scottsdale, Advantages of Retirement Community Living

Retirement Living Has Many Benefits

By: Georgette Kelly, Statesman Life Centers and The Manor at Scottsdale, for Scottsdale SENIOR Magazine

As we age, we undergo physical changes that are easy to spot. It is the subtle changes to our mindset and how we perceive our world that often go undetected. Many people, especially seniors, find that at a time when the world is speeding up and becoming more difficult to understand and deal with, they are struggling to keep up with the pace of the life to which they were previously accustomed.

Many seniors find comfort in a lifestyle that enables them to reduce stress and improve the quality of their lives. A retirement community can provide a number of health benefits to enrich the quality of life for senior residents and their families.

Many seniors find it difficult to maintain their home and yards, keeping up with paying bills or, if they live alone, are anxious since there is no one to respond if they fall or have some type of medical emergency. Transportation, if one is still driving, may become an issue due to lack of self confidence, which in turn affects the ability to hop in the car to run to the grocery store or drive to visit a friend or family member. It is not uncommon for seniors to feel that it is too much of a hassle to cook a meal for just one person and as a result they often develop poor eating habits. Poor nutrition is one of the leading causes of psychological and physical problems in aging adults.

These issues and concerns are typically diminished for those adults who live in retirement communities. The opportunities for increased socialization, intellectual stimulation, and physical activity have proven to be beneficial to the health and happiness of seniors. Numerous studies have conclusively found improved vitality and a longer life span for seniors who live in an active, fun, stimulating environment such as that at a retirement community.

The health benefits of community living, both psychological and physical, are compelling. Seniors will find companionship, socialization, mental stimulation, delicious and nutritious meals, a sense of security with knowing someone is there to respond to their needs; all of which far outweigh being isolated and living alone.

The Manor Village at Scottsdale has a slogan that has proven to be true at the Manors; “living at the Manors will add years to your life.” Seniors who make the decision to downsize, simplify their lives, and make the move into congregate living—where they are provided a lifestyle which includes compassion and caring from staff—will find themselves living better and living longer.

Georgette Kelly is the marketing director with Statesman Life Centers and The Manor at Scottsdale, which may be reached at 480-767-7647 or