Choose Your Pharmacy. Choose Your Health.

By Brandon Allen, PharmD

A confused customer comes into my pharmacy with a letter in hand.

This customer had been a loyal customer of Allen Pharmacy for many years and recently received a letter from her insurance company telling her that the pharmacy that had served her through a heart attack, her husband’s death, and many other trying times in her life was no longer an acceptable option. She was confused, hurt and a little angry.

I took the letter from her and gave it a read myself. Whoever had written the letter was well-versed in the English language and the art of influence because each word was chosen carefully to convey a singular message: “You need to use XYZ Pharmacy.”

This is not a new tactic to me.

Unfortunately, I see it all the time. The insurance companies send phone calls and letters strongly encouraging their customers to go to a pharmacy that, conveniently, the insurance company owns. This keeps money in insurance companies’ pockets and usually means the customer receives sub-par service and care.

So, the question becomes, can your insurance make you go to a certain pharmacy?

The short answer is a resounding “NO!” Your insurance cannot make you go to a certain pharmacy. They may provide incentive for you to go there by offering slightly lower copay, but typically there is a minimal difference between the copay at the pharmacy your insurance company wants you to go to and Allen Pharmacy or any other pharmacy.

Why choose one pharmacy over another? Does it really matter?

You bet it does. A study from Consumer Reports showed that customer satisfaction at independent pharmacies like Allen Pharmacy was up to three times higher than that of the big box pharmacy.

Also, choosing the right pharmacy can impact your health. Here are five reasons your choice in pharmacy can impact your health.

  1. We focus on your health first.
  2. We work on your behalf; not for insurance companies.
  3. We help you feel confident about your prescriptions.
  4. We assure the best medications for your needs, not for the insurance company.
  5. We connect with prescribers and assure the best insurance-covered products for you.

Often, insurance companies will push customers to use products that are cheapest for the insurance company and “adequate” from a therapy standpoint. But this is your health we’re dealing with and “adequate” does not seem good enough to us. We want to make sure that you have the medication that is best suited to your needs and we work with your provider and with the insurance company to ensure that you get the best drug for the best price.

Ultimately, it comes down to putting our customers ahead of all else, ensuring that their health is put first and that we don’t let an insurance company get in the way of you achieving your best health outcomes.

This is just another way that Allen Pharmacy is Pharmacy, Done Better.

At Allen Pharmacy, you will find a caring and loving staff that knows you by name. Our staff understands the value of relationships and getting to know you and your needs. Come see us!