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Live Longer, Feel Better

By Jeffrey Friedman, Total Health Solutions, New Orleans LIVING WELL Magazine

With people now living into their 80s and beyond, it is understandable that your body might not function as well, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life to its fullest. Thanks to the hundreds of home healthcare products now available, you or a loved one can enjoy a more productive life while staying in your own home. From the simplest problems of just performing daily tasks such as eating, bathing, and lifting, there are special eating and cooking utensils; reachers; long handled bath products; and dressing aids. Total Health Solutions, located in Metairie, which opened in 2003, offers a 4,000-square-foot retail showroom that specializes in helping you select the healthcare products that are right for you.

Mobility issues, caused by arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, cardiopulmonary diseases, or just weakened bones, are some of the more common problems affecting seniors. However, with the help of mobility aids such as attractive canes; walkers with wheels and seats; lightweight wheelchairs; and power wheelchairs/scooters, seniors can now get around safely. Falls in the bathroom, which are common, can be avoided by adding grab bars; shower chairs; and elevated toilet seats. Those who have difficulty getting up from a regular chair or have a breathing disorder that requires elevation can benefit from a lift-chairs or adjustable homecare beds that raise the head and feet.

Even people with just minor aches and pains can benefit from wrist, knee, back and foot supports; neck pillows; hot and cold packs; moist heating pads; and pain-relieving gels. And, even if you are feeling great, you may find yourself having to care for a spouse with a chronic ailment. Did you know that there are lifting aids available for the home, car and bathroom?

Helping families learn about the healthcare products that will best meet their needs is what Total Health Solutions specializes in and many of these solutions are covered by  health insurance plans, including Medicare. Visit us and see for yourself.

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