Let your light shine –– Hands in Harmony

Let your light shine

By Wahneta Dimmer, Hands in Harmony, Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine

We are co-creators of our own reality, consciously choosing our impact on the world. Each day we wake up, we access our internal and external surroundings and head off into the world. Our minds fill with events of yesterday and today and thoughts of what today might be like. We can choose to relive a tragic event or share gossip over morning coffee. Each time we indulge in the spreading of fear, anxiety and stress, we contribute to the energies around us. Negativity can spread like a virus.

What if we make a conscious decision to change our frequency, our vibration and the ripples that we send out into the world? Happiness and gratitude can be spread just as easily (and in my opinion easier), as we would much rather share in the delight of a happy story than one with a tragic ending. Apply this logic to everyday living. Many a Mom used to say, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” What a wonderful approach to all events in life that are not what we expected. Do overzealous expectations just lead to disappointment anyways? Perhaps allowing expectations to fall away like a protective sheath that is no longer necessary will allow us to fully embrace life in all its glory.

We can manifest happiness in our lives by being grateful for all of life’s experiences, magnifying and multiplying our own personal happiness. When we can see the miracles in everything from the delicious aroma of the first cup of coffee, the way the sunlight streams through the morning clouds and the way the kids turn and smile at you as they head off to school, life blossoms in all its glory! Suddenly there is no room for negativity or gossip because the true nature of your life shines so brightly it illuminates all those around you.