Cheyenne Place helps families in need of quality care––Cheyenne Place

Cheyenne Place helps families in need of quality care

Colorado Springs LIVING WELL Magazine

Chuck and Jeannette King were married December 25, 1943. For 56 years they have overcome many of life’s challenges. On May 23, 2000, both of their lives would be transformed in a way they would never imagine. “I remember it so clearly that night. Janette awakes me to help her to the restroom as her left leg seemed to be asleep,” Chuck says. As the sirens approach he makes the assumptions that the damage has been done.

As the King family huddled together at the hospital they are informed that Janette suffered a major stroke impairing her vision, left leg and left arm. During an eight-to-10 week rehabilitation stint, Chuck avidly participates in his wife’s progress and his son and daughter in-law revamp their house to make it wheelchair accessible. As Chuck and Janette work together to make their house a home again, the realization came that the care and safety needs for Janette were not being met.

Chuck and his family had to search for a senior community that not only was able to assist Janette and allow her to have a quality of life, but allow Chuck to be independent. Creating lists of wants and needs drilled down complexes and the necessity to be within walking distance allowed for the word continuum of care campus to linger in the air. The family gathered information on a campus that could house Chuck being independent and Janette needing skilled care.

Finding a continuum of care campus would prove to be easier than once thought. As the family’s search narrowed down, Cheyenne Place would be the place for Chuck as he could be independent as much as he wanted but still get meals and housekeeping when needed and Cheyenne Mountain Care Center was a facility were Janette could have 24-hour nursing care and safety needed to help her with the quality of life she had been missing.

With the buildings being so close, Chuck is able to walk over in the morning to feed his wife as the staff of Cheyenne Place hold breakfast for him and walk over in the evening after he is fed to help feed his wife and accompany her to bed. This, in Chuck’s eyes, was the best life he could imagine for him and his lovely wife. The King family was able to see their loved ones enjoy the quality of life they deserved.

On April 23, 2010, Chuck and his family were able to spend the remaining time Janette had next to her, in the presence of Cheyenne Mountain Care Center’s caring staff. Janette and Chuck were blessed with 66 years together, memories that were priceless and at approximately 6 p.m. Janette was able to leave her life knowing her family was there and Chuck would continue on with the care he may someday need.