Half of seniors from the ages of 70+ have dementia but are not ready for memory care!––Rambling Oaks Courtyard

Half of seniors from the ages of 70+ have dementia but are not ready for memory care!

Courtesy Rambling Oaks Courtyard, Collin County LIVING WELL Magazine

In today’s society, Americans are living considerably longer and more active lives. Unfortunately, with this longevity comes intensification of all the trials and tribulations associated with aging. As we grow old, our skin wrinkles and becomes frail, our hair fades, muscle mass diminishes, and our brain shrinks. The shrinkage of the brain basically causes the working memory to go on “strike” and mental speed to decelerate. Cognitive functionality is hindered as one’s memory worsens or is even erased altogether. Individuals generally experience emotional outbursts, escalated agitation, and overwhelming anxiety. These behavioral manipulations mutate personality, essentially deteriorating the lines of communication within relationships.

Memory loss commonly results in unwanted tension and adversity, generating a need for daily assisted living outside the home. Most homes have a dynamic schedule that is not conducive to the rigid needs of individuals experiencing advanced memory loss. It not only affects the individual’s ability to live in a conventional family setting, but also the family’s capacity to care properly for them. This condition typically complicates the level of care a loved one requires, and a transfer from the home may become necessary to diminishes stress and concern.

This debilitating condition is treated best with love, patience and cooperation of professionals. Transitioning your loved one to a safe and secure environment will inevitably eliminate some of the unavoidable pitfalls people encounter reaching late adulthood. Assisted living communities are intended to be an extension of the family and lifestyle that your loved one has grown accustomed to, with a few added precautionary and reassuring features. Rambling Oaks Courtyard can provide the stable, calming environment that is conducive to your loved one’s overall mental capacity. Rambling Oaks is a community where luxury living meets assisted living, and where memories are made one resident at a time. Welcome to the family!