Have You Always Wanted to Live on a Golf Course

Living the Golf Lifestyle

If you love golf and can afford the lifestyle, it’s hard not to dream of living in a golf course community. Here are some thoughts to consider when purchasing your property:

  • Distance from the tee boxes – Most golfers hit their tee shot between 180 to 300 yards. Do you entertain outdoors a lot or have children that might be playing in the backyard and exposed to errant golf shots?
  • Right side of a fairway vs. left side – Most right-handed golfers slice their tee shot (goes to the right). Consider it’s estimated that 10% – 15% of the world’s golf population are left-handed.
  • Proximity to the tee box or restroom facilities – a lot of conversation and extra noise happens at these locations.
  • Is the cart path close to your view fence where golf carts, beverage carts and maintenance equipment drive by?
  • Operation of the golf course – motorized equipment starts every morning before sunrise and through the homeowner’s association covenants, conditions & restrictions (CC&R’s), property owners can’t hold the golf course, employees, agents or contractors liable for the noise or inconvenience normally associated with maintenance activities.
  • No right to use of golf course – purchasing a property in a golf course usually does not entitle the property owner to any interest in or any right to the use of the golf course land or membership in the club.
  • Waiver of liability – Each property owner, through their CC&R agreement, acknowledges that golf balls may be hit onto their lot or parcel by persons playing on the adjacent golf course and that golf balls may cause injury to persons on their property. Each owner and occupant assumes the risk of such an injury or damage and can’t hold the golf course owners or golfer liable for any claim.

Be sure to choose your location wisely and live a golfer’s dream.