By Norman J. Pomerance, DDS., Denton LIVING WELL Magazine

Patients put off straightening their teeth for many reasons including, the extended time they need to wear braces, the cost, possible discomfort and the uncosmetic look of the braces themselves.

Now there is a revolutionary method to straighten teeth in a cosmetic fashion that takes only six months to complete. It is called 6-MONTH SMILES, straight teeth in only six months!

Mainly for adults who have always wanted braces but for one reason or another, have never had their teeth straightened, 6-MONTH SMILES is the answer to all the obstacles standing in the way of your new smile.

Straighter teeth enhance your confidence, smile and appearance in general. A beautiful smile is an attribute and is often the first thing noticed about you!

6-MONTH SMILES is professionally applied braces that are cosmetic and rapidly move teeth into a more pleasing arrangement. The brackets that are bonded onto the teeth are clear and the wire that actually moves the teeth is tooth colored. It is the precise placement of the brackets and the material that the wire is made of that moves the teeth efficiently into their new, straighter position.

If there is crowding of the teeth with misalignment, some reshaping of the teeth will be necessary in order to make room for the teeth to move. This is done at each appointment if necessary. Typically, patients are seen once a month until the procedure is complete – about six months. The length of time to achieve the desired results can vary dependent on the severity of the situation.

At each appointment, the wire is removed, the alignment is assessed, the quality of the patient’s home care is discussed and the wire is replaced after any adjustments are made as necessary.

When the treatment is complete a bonded retainer will be placed on the anterior teeth and removable retainers will also be constructed to keep the teeth in their new position.

Because the total procedure takes less time than traditional braces, the cost can also be lowered, making 6-MONTH SMILES more affordable.

Call today for a complimentary consult to see if you may be a candidate for 6-MONTH SMILES and begin to enjoy your new smile in about six months.

Dr. Pomerance has been practicing general, cosmetic and implant dentistry for over 35 years and is knowledgeable about the latest techniques, advances and trends in his field. He may be reached at 940-382-3530.