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Website Helps Consumers Find the Right Provider for their Health & Wellness Needs

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In an age of empowerment and do-it-yourself, more and more consumers are using the Internet to find resources of every kind. Studies have shown, 86% of Americans have at least one computer in the household and nearly 94% have some access to the Web. Whether shopping or researching homes or toothbrushes, users of virtually every age group will start with the Internet and forgo fumbling through a 10-pound phone book.

An industry once thought to be immune to the whims of marketing, health care and medical professionals, now find themselves playing catch-up to help ensure they are findable to the single largest generation of online shoppers on the most powerful marketing and communication tool ever invented – the Web.

Hence, the advent of the health consumer, a being once thought to be a myth, is now a significant driver for billions in online revenues from the health sector vying for the attention of those shopping their options in health care.

WebMD, Yahoo Health and dozens of other health information websites can be found, as well as, countless health systems, specialty clinics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and more. We can safely assume that virtually any one entity’s website is largely self-fulfilling, while the more news-type organizations continue to provide good practical and understandable information for those seeking to understand more about their ailment or tips about how to eat healthier if you have diabetes.

But how can you find the right local resource for you and your family that is unbiased and neutral? Someone who is local or in a nearby metropolitan center? That’s where Medical Voyce comes in.

Medical Voyce Sciences & Multimedia, LLC – a Colorado-based company has recently launched into its fourth state: South Carolina, behind Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

The organization focuses on presenting health consumers with locally focused health and wellness resources, starting with physician profiles procured from its strategic partnerships with several prominent medical societies, University Physicians, Inc. and other key health agencies in the state.

Physicians can showcase their expertise, clinical training and backgrounds, as well as, show insurances accepted, a current photo and a little bio-sketch that helps them to create a relationship bridge with the viewer. Analytics from the site show that providers who use images are nearly 70x more likely to be viewed than those whose profiles are not accompanied by a current photo.

Medical Voyce is not a consumer rating organization. A key value for the organization was to remain neutral toward the newest trend of allowing patients to tee-off on providers based solely on anecdotal testimony.

“Patient encounters are complex and have a myriad of variables associated within, and to allow patients the ability to rate physicians just seems foolish and can be very damaging and misleading”, says Dirk R. Hobbs, founder and CEO of Medical Voyce Sciences & Multimedia, LLC. “While we appreciate everyone’s right to voice their opinion about their experience, to comment openly about a given provider’s clinical competency is simply an unfair advantage for those who would seek to provide commonly unqualified assessments and commentary.”

This posture has garnered the trust of more than 10,000 physicians and several of the states’ prominent medical societies, health systems, and CU Hospital’s University Physicians Inc., giving consumers the most robust public resource directory available.

In addition to physician profiles, users can find articles in every discipline of medicine from local expert physicians, local diet and nutrition specialists, local chronic disease specialists, fitness and exercise gurus and, of course, they can view hospital and clinic profiles to better understand what makes each agency unique and good at what they do.

Keeping with the times, Medical Voyce welcomes social media fans to join its popular Facebook and Twitter venues, and for those seeking to reach the medical community, its LinkedIn pages or

Whether you’re caring for your parents or grandparents, seeking for your own health care and wellness needs, or still not quite an empty-nester, can help you identify those resources who can relate to the medical and wellness needs at hand.

Don’t see you doctor? Tell them to notify their medical society to get them their free profile on!

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