Running A Small Business? 3 Reasons Why You Need A Facebook Business Page

Running A Small Business? 

3 Reasons Why You Need A Facebook Business Page

By Anne Cull, Johnson County LIVING WELL Magazine

#1A Facebook Page Can Be More Effective (and less expensive) Than A Website.

Most Facebook users use Facebook AT LEAST once per day. This means that most of YOUR “fans” (customers) will be using Facebook at least once per day. And more than likely, your customers aren’t visiting your website daily unless you have a catalog to order from. When you have a working Facebook page for your business, you stay top of mind for your customers and give them an easy way to refer you. When people visit your website, they are there all by themselves. They may visit a page or two on your site, maybe read something interesting or click a few links. What do they really want to do? Get the info and go back to Facebook where their friends and all the activity are. This is why it’s important to have that Facebook icon with a link to your Facebook business page on your website. You have to make it easy for people to go back and forth while still staying on your stuff.

#2. It Makes It Easy For Your Existing Customers To Refer You

If your customers love your brand/service/business/product, they will want to be associated with you. The more you post quality content and associate your business with resources for your customers, the more your customers will feel compelled to tell the world about you. And Facebook makes it easy with their “LIKE” and “SHARE” buttons. Your goal is to post content that helps your customers and makes them want to “like” and “share” your content with all of their friends. This is not a board for advertising all your wares. It’s an 8-1 ratio: Eight times – post something that helps your customers. One time, post something about your business. The more you can help your best customers, the more of those same types of customers you’ll attract.

#3. Google Loves Facebook

Remember that Google is a business with a lot of activity going on and they like to see other businesses with lots of buzz as well. For this reason, they rank activity online very high. Many businesses are only focused on having their website show up on the front page of Google for a particular keyword search and can easily spend way too much money on targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns or online advertising. Facebook business pages are public, professional pages with lots of activity (unlike your personal Facebook profile which is private and for your personal use). Because of all the activity, Google is likely to rank your Facebook business page higher anyway – for free!

 Anne Cull is the owner of ThinkViral, Online Business Development.

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